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Here the rank

Yuile83, Aug 17, 10 5:00 PM.
Ok the ranking system is really easy since this game currently has a level cap of 120 you will change rank every 12 levels.
listed below is the ranking system, Salary's and requirements.

Rank 10 lvl 1 to lvl 12 - Trainee 1% Salary
Rank 9 lvl 13 to lvl 24 - Cadet 5% Salary
Rank 8 lvl 25 to lvl 36 - Squire 5% Salary
Rank 7 lvl 37 to lvl 48 - Knight 10% Salary
Rank 6 lvl 49 to lvl 60 - Lord 10% Salary - Bravery of 100 Required
Rank 5 lvl 61 to lvl 72 - Warrior 10% Salary - Bravery of 200 Required
Rank 4 lvl 73 to lvl 84 - Elite 10% Salary - Bravery of 300 Required
Rank 3 lvl 85 to lvl 120 - Warlord Salary 10% - Union chat is allowed must have guild leaders approval and Bravery of 500.
Rank 2 - Hero 17% Salary - 2nd in command to guild leader picked by guild leader
Rank 1 - SunGod 22% Salary - Guild Leader

From the GM KH

Yuile83, Aug 5, 10 8:56 PM.
Hey guys, 

Well after many hours in the GM patch mines, we were finally able to get all the impurities out of a few of the systems for Kingdom Heroes and put the purified goodness into a nice little patch for all of you. Here's what's in

  • Third Channel for Tianxia -- I mentioned last week that we were aware of the crowding that's occurred in the Normal channel for Tianxia since the launch of the PvP channel. The developers have included a third channel (PvE) in the patch to help players spread out a little better on the PvE channels. 

  • Speaking of PvP and PvE -- The server login screen now properly reflects which channels are PvE and which are PvP, so that way you won't be too confused as to where you should login to melt face and where to go to level unharmed. 

  • Formulas -- As promised in the last patch, we fixed all the localization issues with the Formulas in this patch for the different crafting recipes. This means that now, what the item's title says you'll get is what the formula + its components will make. Have fun crafting! 

  • Merit Rewards -- If you visit the Merit Rewards vendors now, you'll notice that the prices of items have decreased dramatically since the last patch since we noticed that the prices were far too high for players. A few merit items that shouldn't have been available yet in our version of the game have been removed. 

  • Item Mall -- We have added two new items to the Item Mall, the 14-day and 30-day Storehouse Expansion packs. These items will allow you to increase your storehouse space for a limited amount of item. We also fixed some localization errors on the Spirit Hammers. 

  • One last item of note, we have now restricted access to the expansion areas. We don't want players exploiting these areas and now all Sky Balloon paths to those areas are disabled and players entering those areas will be moved back your revive point. 

Thanks for waiting for the patch, and I hope you enjoy it! Now go break-in that third channel on Tianxia!

KH Maintenance

Yuile83, Aug 5, 10 5:15 PM.
Every Thursday there at 3pm there going be maintenance some time to 2 to 4 hr or longer.  So just relax and have fun

Just a reminder that Kingdom Heroes' weekly scheduled maintenances are slated on Thursdays, starting at 3:00PM PDT. 

During maintenance, all servers will be offline and you should not attempt to log in. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all players log off before 3:00 PM PDT to prevent accidental data loss. We will announce in-game prior to shutdown to warn players. 

When the servers are brought back up, we will post/update/announce as such on the forums and inform anyone currently in the shoutbox. Our downtimes are variable, but you can usually expect them to be 2-4 hours at the minimum, depending on what we have to work with that week. 

While we are aware of the many in-game issues that currently exist (and will continue to persist as we grow as a game and a community), please note that this means you won't generally see gameplay changes till maintenance days. Bear this in mind when you're asking on ETAs. Thanks!


Yuile83, Aug 5, 10 1:28 AM.
Ok I put another page in for Voting and Medals Award and Achivement  so if your member go there check it out also in Voting you can vote for a member to be a member of the month.

The war time

Yuile83, Aug 4, 10 8:32 PM.
ok War time for east coast is 6pm that mean it 3pm for the West coast i got the event wrong but Read news here

Rank might change

Yuile83, Aug 4, 10 6:27 PM.
I might change Rank how gain rank until we get more people from Rank 10 to 9 be level 50 get at least 24 bravery done

Ranks in my Guild

Yuile83, Aug 4, 10 5:15 PM.
This how rank will work
Rank 10 to 9 be level 50 and get 100 bravery quest done
Rank 9 to 8  get 500 bravery done and you got get approve by an officer
Rank 8 to 7 Must have 500 Bravery done and be level 80 also you got to be welling to invite people to the guild.  they got be active for 3 weeks

Rank 7 to 6  Same as rank 7 but you need 1000 Bravery done and get approve by rank 2 or 3.  and you got be loyal and active

Rank 6 to 4  You got be loyal and Active also you got be at war from rank 10 and up and you got able to help new people in the guild.  and have most of your permit for seig done.  Also you got get approve by 2 or 3

Rank 4 to 3 Got get approve by guild leader same with from 3 to 2. you got get approve from guild leade

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Yuile83, Aug 4, 10 2:22 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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